Never Underestimate the Power of Social Media and Education

September 19th, 2011 by Stephenie Ochoa

Kudos to for the infographic – Social Media in The Classroom (shown below)With social media exploding everyday with content, people logging on and then logging in and then sharing sites and content, it can be hard to measure the impact it will have on various populations. As more and more of the “Facebook” generation lives with their lives “Posted”, it’s no surprise that colleges are including social media videos in lieu of the traditional application essay.


Tufts received 4.5% of its applications via video, George Mason 6% and St. Mary’s took in about 10% video applications versus the essay.

As we have said before, many colleges are doing scans of applicant Facebook profiles to use in their decision making process.

In a study by Kaplan University of America’s top Universities, admissions officers said by 38% that their opinions of applicants were negatively affected by what they saw on Facebook.

Tweens, teens, young adults, adults or businesses, get a gander at how others see your Facebook page, its more important than you think!


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