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April 7th, 2011 by M Butler

"the" dynamic duo...

Hello again…Mitch here.  Wouldn’t you agree we’re living in a dynamic world, with dynamic content and our kids are dynamic!


Since this is my reality, and most likely yours, shouldn’t we expect, no… demand…, access to dynamic content filtering!???  There is a difference you know.  And that’s what last week’s Web2.0 Expo in San Francisco was a lot about – companies in the Web2.0 world sharing how this world of dynamic content ~ user generated content ~ has changed the way we all will forever engage the “www”.


It so impressed me that a good number of not-for-profit organizations and their representatives were attending the Expo – like StandUp For Kids’ Jennifer Naylor, who traveled cross-country from Baltimore for the conference.  Many like Jennifer were there in SF to learn of the latest practices, methods, and technologies to protect children – whether on the streets or in the dynamic digital world.


It all gets back to dynamic, doesn’t it!


And that’s where IMAGE VISION LABS addresses the gap between legacy technologies which worked in the world of static content – when things on the ‘net didn’t change in nanoseconds – and today’s technologies, which have to work in the real-time world of connected devices…


DYNAMIC, that’s my world, most likely your world too, and definitely the world in which IMAGE VISION LABS is making its mark.


Someday (soon) I’ll introduce you to a very dynamic friend of mine, some might even say he’s what makes the dynamic in the Dynamic Duo moniker real !!!  Until then, as my dynamic friend says …”Filter First, Ask Questions Later”  ~ ~ ~







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